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Helping to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the community.

As the world reacts to the threat that is COVID-19 and the damages it causes families, communities and businesses throughout the world, we prove once again the human spirit is a tough substance which while battered and bruised carries on and excels when under immense pressure; think the never tiring key workers, Captain Tom Moore and community projects occurring up and down the nation.

Here at ServicePoint Solutions, our family are spending this time aiding our local community and learning our own life skills in the process. We decided to help within our community however we can. After a Facebook group ‘Crafting for Victory’ was spotted by a relative our CHO Briony Roberts knew she had the skills and knowledge to help, the group has been created to gather as much unused bedding and haberdashery items and turn them into face masks, uniform wash bags and NHS support window decorations all of which is donated to local hospitals and nursing homes in the hope to buffer the gap between PPE deliveries

The virus as we know can stay surfaces for a period of time, so with the bags, we are making, we are allowing these amazing people to change their uniforms, pop it in a wash bag and put everything to be washed all at once. Although this is not a cure, this is one good way to help stop the spread of this disease.

We would also like to thank all our key workers and our voluntary community members who have played their part within this devastating time. It is amazing to see the support that has come together to help fight against this.

As the UK lockdown continues and boredom begins to strike we took this opportunity as a family to skill-up together off-line and increase our own life skills in the process by learning to sow to aid Briony with this production.

#FightingBackTogether #KeyWorkers#Crafting for Victory

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