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Dreamforce 2023 Review

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Dubbed the World's Largest AI gathering, Dreamforce 2023 did not disappoint. Following a series of eventful years, this year's event was all about raising the bar even higher. Dive into our top moments from an exhilarating few days in San Francisco. Here's our Dreamforce 2023 Review:

Dreamforce 2023 Review - Banner

Dreamforce 2023 Review: All About AI

Without a doubt, this year's Dreamforce centred on AI, seamlessly integrating Data, CRM, and Trust. Amidst a plethora of updates, here are four standout announcements to pique your interest:

Einstein Platform 1: A Fusion of Data Cloud Tech and Cutting-Edge AI Innovations.

Einstein Copilot: Soon at every Salesforce user's fingertips, this tool promises to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and responds to natural language queries.

AI Trailhead Badges: Elevate your skills with 11 fresh badges on Trailhead – a surefire way to stay ahead in the tech race.

FREE Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses: Jumpstart your Einstein1 adventure with free access for up to 10K profiles.

Dreamforce 2023 Keynote

Keynotes and Sessions

Dreamforce is the place to get the latest updates and learn more about Salesforce from the experts and trailblazer community. We attended many interesting keynotes and sessions covering various topics including:

‘Service Keynote: Reimagine Service for the AI Era’

‘Supercharge Your AI Discovery with Transferable Skills’

‘Unifying the Manufacturing Value Chain’

‘Adoption Tools to Get Your Users on Their A-Game’

‘Discover a New Approach to Success for New Trailblazers’

‘Elevate Your Career with a Personal Portfolio’

and Future of Field Service’

Dreamforce 2023 Key Note and Sessions

Salesforce Ohana and ‘Barry Stickers’

It may be a cliche but the Salesforce Ohana is one of the main factors that make Salesforce, Salesforce. There may have been over 40,000 attendees from around the world, but you’re never far from a familiar face. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you at a session or during the lunch break. And if you’re ever stuck for something to do in the evening, there’s always open invites on social media.

Dreamforce 2023 ServicePoint Solution Stickers

Dreamforce 2023 SPS Barry Stickers

The one ServicePoint Solutions swag we took with us to Dreamforce this year was the Barry Sticker. It was well received and went to many interesting places including the top of the Salesforce Tower, Ohana Floor.

Dreamforce 2023: More than just AI

You may think this year’s Dreamforce was all about AI (it was). But it was also about much much more. There was of course Dreamfest with the mighty Foo Fighters at the Chase Center. You could, if you wanted, escape the crowd for a bit of peace in the Mindfulness Meadow. And you could also ‘give back’ by helping build bikes for a children’s charity.

As per previous years, there were plenty of partner events to keep you entertained. There was a chance to try your hand at pickleball, hang out with other boba tea fans, or enjoy a cigar at the michaelforce Cigar Shindig. And karaoke was big this year. The PepUp Tech celebration of Hip-Hop Karaoke edition was definitely a highlight.

Dreamforce 2023 Review

Dreamforce 2023 Highlights from the Trailblazer Community

As well as our highlights, we thought we’d ask some of the people that we were lucky enough to meet at Dreamforce theirs:

“My highlight of Dreamforce was the face to face connections I made. In this new remote world it is so easy to forget the importance of face-to-face meetings and the extra level of collaboration and connection they bring. I was extremely fortunate to be part of a UK Group that consisted of many people who made my first Dreamforce memorable. (Thanks Ben, Jonny, Will and Paul!)

It was fantastic to meet my students and hear their stories. I never realised that my courses helped so many people and it has inspired me to do more to help more.”

Dave Massey, Get Force Certified

“I had heard that Dreamforce was very intimidating but I did not find it that way. During the day I was very happy to be mostly by myself to jump from one session to another one especially as I had very specific business objectives I needed to bring back. However it was fantastic to have to see the Salesforce Ohana once the day finished. The way the community was looking out for each other and keeping each other updated was fantastic

I attended some very informative sessions! I found that all the sessions I attended were presented in a way that the content was suitable for any size or type of organisation. For example I went to a session where they explained how to use experience cloud + knowledge +AI to support customers queries… The company that delivered it was huge but what they showed can be replicated in my small organisation.”

Silvia Denaro, AdviceUK

“I met and spent time with Johann Furmann on day 1, when our 'brisk walk' turned into an hour of intense personal training exercise doing squats, kicks, lunges and other sweaty activities while having deep conversations about technology trends, the state of the Salesforce nation, the definition of a cult (and is Salesforce ohana one??), conspiracy theories and the podcasts he listens to when cycling thousands of miles across Europe.”

Pei Mun Lim, Zen Hao Training

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ServicePoint Solutions is a Salesforce partner based in and around Cheshire in the UK. As an organisation, we have over 15 years experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. We also have over 30 years of experience within project management and business delivery.

Whether it’s development, architecture services, support, or managed services, our team is here to help you find the right CRM solution. We are also known for being the experts in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Field Service Management.

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