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Exciting Salesforce Customer Visit to the United States

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

At ServicePoint Solutions, our customers are not just based in the UK, but span the globe, especially in the United States. While digital communication tools like email, Slack, and Google Meet keep us connected, nothing beats the power of face-to-face meetings. These in-person encounters not only drive projects forward but also foster strong connections between our team and our customer’s.

Recently, our Project Manager, James, and our COO, Jazmine, embarked on a Salesforce customer visit to Houston to catch up with a valued customer in the Construction Machine industry.

Additionally, they attended an important event in Florida to connect with our US partners. In this blog, they share their firsthand account of these exciting experiences.

SPS Partner's Event in Florida

Salesforce Customer Visit to Houston

Our latest journey to the US is just one of several trips we've made as part of an extensive Salesforce implementation project. This project encompasses the full integration of CRM, CPQ, and Service/Field Service Management systems for a Construction Machine business.

At the start of the project, we emphasised the importance of establishing a strong on-site presence and prioritising relationship-building with our client. Given that the sales representatives had tight schedules, it was crucial to maintain a well-rounded and professional rapport with both the management and sales teams. This approach proved essential in capturing their attention and sustaining their interest throughout the Discovery, Build, UAT, and Deployment phases.

Service Cloud and Field Service Management Focus

Having successfully launched Machine Sales Teams in the past, this trip had a specific focus on Service Cloud and Field Service Management. During the visit, we organised multiple sessions to guide the management team through User Stories, Process Maps, and Data Collection Sheets. We approached complex issues collaboratively, allowing management to take charge of their own journey by delegating less complex User Stories for internal review and approval.

Our message was straightforward: User Stories serve as the bedrock of your Salesforce implementation. The better they are crafted, the more efficient and productive your development team becomes, ensuring that your Salesforce environment aligns perfectly with your requirements.

The relationship between SPS and the customer has grown stronger over the course of this process. It's not just about work-related conversations; we've also engaged in more expansive discussions, touching on topics like life, family, sports, and even hunting (after all, this is Texas!).

Partner Event in Florida

We also did a brief excursion to Tampa, Florida. It was a delightful adventure as we reconnected with friends and colleagues from our Salesforce Partners whom we assist and collaborate with. It was a wonderful time filled with great company, delicious food, fine wine, and glorious sunshine.

Post Salesforce Customer Visit Partner Event

In conclusion, this journey was enjoyable for both myself and Jazmine. It was also filled with challenges, resulting in the forging of strong relationships and successful project accomplishments - along with a few memorable hangovers for good measure!

About ServicePoint Solutions

ServicePoint Solutions is a Salesforce partner based in and around Cheshire in the UK. As an organisation, we have over 15 years experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. We also have over 30 years of experience within project management and business delivery.

Whether it’s development, architecture services, support, or managed services, our team is here to help you find the right CRM solution. We are also known for being the experts in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Field Service Management.

We cover industry verticals such Manufacturing, Construction, Professional Services, Chemicals, Health Care, Legal, Petrol Chemical, IT, Security, and Facilities Management (Hard and Soft).

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