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Meet the Team: Spencer Roberts

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Welcome to the second edition of our 'Meet the Team' blog series with Spencer Roberts. At ServicePoint Solutions, we champion a 'people-first' ethos, holding firm to the belief that it's our team members who truly define and distinguish us.

Going beyond the conventional, we are also proud to be a 'family-first' business. This familial spirit is evident, with our CEO's son and daughter, alongside their respective partners, playing pivotal roles within our ranks. Many of our team members are talented professionals with whom we've had the privilege of working with previously.

With a rich tapestry of backgrounds and deep expertise spanning Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Management, our team stands as a standard of excellence AND synergy!

Meet the Team: Spencer Roberts
Spencer Roberts

Job Title: Lead Application Consultant and Co-Founder of ServicePoint Solutions

Tell us about your day-to-day role at ServicePoint Solutions

Typically within the day I start with some customer stand-up calls and run through what was completed yesterday, what is to be worked on today and any issues which may have popped up. After these calls we have our own company internal call where we can discuss if anyone has issues, if anyone needs help and a high level of where our projects are at.

We always save time for those dad jokes and funny stories so we can start the day off with a laugh. Usually from here it's Spotify on and work through any items assigned from any project and have adhoc calls when needed.

What are your hopes and dreams for the rest of 2023 and into 2024?

I would say the main hopes are to improve on the previous year from sales, customer service succession, certificates and knowledge to allow the best service possible.

What’s it like to work with the ServicePoint Solutions team?

Fun is probably the best word to describe the team and environment. We have all worked together at some point in time so we are all familiar with each other and used to the way we all work.

What inspires or motivates you?

To have an enjoyable work and home life balance and environment. We all have to work, but having fun helps especially from the last few years all of us have had.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I would say the biggest enjoyments would be playing computer/board games and running. Hopefully looking to start running some races in the future.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I have two ragdoll cats (Oaty & Elma).

Spencer Roberts with his cats Oaty and Elma
Spencer with Oaty and Elma

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am quite nifty at catching things.

Favourites (and why)

Film: SpaceJam (1996) or Bugsy Malone (1976). I remember watching these frequently as a child and I have watched them multiple times since.

Song: My Spotify says from my 2022 top songs its 'Danke Schoen' by Wayne Newton. Probably due to watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off too many times.

Animal: Cat. They are chill and have laidback response to anything.

Place: My office. It has all my games, books, etc. so it’s a good place to disappear to.

Food: Sandwiches. Preferably tuna, can’t go wrong with it.

Salesforce Character: Probably Flo as we spend so much time with automation.

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