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Salesforce 2023 Highlights (Pt2)

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, it's time to reflect on the extraordinary moments that shaped our Salesforce journey in 2023. In the spirit of celebration, we've not only gathered insights from our dedicated ServicePoint Solutions team but also tapped into the wisdom of our vibrant Salesforce trailblazer community. 

Join us as we unveil the collective highlights that made this year unforgettable, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation. Here's to the memories we've made and the milestones we've achieved together.

Salesforce 2023 Highlights pt2

Salesforce 2023 Highlights (pt2)

Tiegan, HR Assistant, ServicePoint Solutions

My highlight of the year was purchasing our first home, the flexibility service point allows really helped during the whole buying process!

Salesforce 2023 Highlights Spencer and Tiegan
Spencer and Tiegan

Spencer, Lead Application Consultant, ServicePoint Solutions

I would say one of my best Salesforce highlight for 2023 is always receiving amazing feedback from customers. It is always an honour to be able to help our customers with any of the Salesforce wants and needs and provide to them the service we strive for.

With feedback such as “The team are professional, knowledgeable and reliable”, “I feel that they care about us as if they were part of our company” and “They always go over and above to exceed customer expectations.” It is hard to not say our feedback is the best highlight for 2023.

Geraldine Gray, CEO, Endiem

Salesforce 2023 Highlights Geraldine
Annual gathering of the Endiem | Salesforce Partner team, friends, and family in Florida

This year, a real Salesforce highlight was attending Dreamforce in September. This event was not just an opportunity for learning and networking, but a platform where the achievements and contributions to the industry were celebrated. The high spot of this experience was my induction into the Salesforce Hall of Fame, along with so many of my long-term friends and fellow MVPs. This honor recognized the hard work and dedication of the group - it was a real moment of pride for the whole cohort to reflect on our commitment to excellence in the Salesforce realm. Being a Hall-of-Famer speaks to the resilience, skill, and collaborative spirit that drives us all forward. Oh, and the after-party was so much fun!

Joey Chan, Technical Architect, Cloud Jedi Solutions

Salesforce 2023 Highlights Joey
Joey with the Barry sticker at Salesforce Tower

Dreamforce 2023 is special since it is my inaugural experience as a presenter. As a MuleSoft Ambassador and Well Architected Ambassador I was able to present in three sessions sharing our experience on architecture and Hyperautomation. This is big for me since being an introvert, I despised public speaking back in college. 

AI is the focus for 2023 especially how ChatGPT democratized access to usable AI for the general public. Being in software development for 15 years, I've personally seen how it can speed up the pace of development. It allowed our team to focus on providing more business value rather than doing the grunt work.

Emma Frost, Co-Founder, Capacity PM

Salesforce 2023 Highlights Emma
Emma (right) with Pippa

The major Salesforce 2023 highlight for me without a doubt has been launching CapacityPM. Back in April myself and my former colleague (Pippa Cox) decided to go out on a limb and launched our own project management consultancy.

The first year has definitely had ups and downs. Finding new clients has been challenging, especially in the current Salesforce market, but also a really enjoyable experience, helping us to realise there is a definite need for our offering. We’re so grateful to all of our contacts and clients and I’m feeling very positive for 2024!

About ServicePointSolutions

ServicePoint Solutions is a Salesforce partner based in and around Cheshire in the UK. As an organisation, we have over 15 years experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. We also have over 30 years of experience within project management and business delivery.

Whether it’s development, architecture services, support, or managed services, our team is here to help you find the right CRM solution. We are also known for being the experts in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Field Service Management.

We cover industry verticals such Manufacturing, Construction, Professional Services, Chemicals, Health Care, Legal, Petrol Chemical, IT, Security, and Facilities Management.

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